Please see the materials page.

Also, please reserve the following, important dates:

(Rehearsal Date ... to Perform the Songs With the Group)

Tuesday, July 19 (8 PM)

Location: Back Room Rehearsal Studios, 350 Route 46E, Rockaway, NJ

(Performance Date ... to Perform the Songs at the Fair)

Friday, August 12 (6 - 9 PM)

Location: New Jersey State Fair, Sussex County Fairgrounds, 37 Plains Road, Augusta, NJ

The benefit to you: A free pass to the fair, surrounding promotional hype, professionally-shot YouTube videos, and song records for your portfolio. (Note: The fair is not paying my group for this performance, so I can’t pay all involved.)

My contact info.:

Cell: 973-214-6211

So check out the music tonight. I’d be glad to have you with us.


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The TBD Annual New Jersey State Fair

(Updated: TBD PM EDT, TBD Day, August TBD, Year TBD-TBD)

Songwriter/Singer Christopher Scott Welch